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GSi Gemini - DMC-122 Expander, Desktop and Rackmount Dual DSP Sound Modules

GSi Gemini - DMC-122 Expander, Desktop and Rackmount Dual DSP Sound Modules
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GSi Gemini - Dual DSP Sound Modules

Prices from $879.00 to $1,149.00

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Price: $879.00

Product Details for GSi Gemini - DMC-122 Expander, Desktop and Rackmount Dual DSP Sound Modules

The GSi Gemini is a dual DSP sound module dedicated to the keyboard player. It provides all the most used keyboard sounds in a form no other sound modules has ever done before. More than just sample playback: there are 15 different synthesis engines including physical modeling, virtual analog subtractive synthesis, virtual tonewheel organ and more. Everything is doubled thanks to the dual DSP, just like having two identical sound modules into one shell.

Gemini Features:
    •    2 independent DSP Processors
    •    15 Synthesis Engines
    •    11 effect generators
    •    128 Presets
    •    Custom MIDI map
    •    Internal Wi-Fi antenna allows client connection for editor web-app
    •    Balanced outputs
    •    Output level selection
    •    Headphone output
    •    Wi-Fi password set and reset

15 Synthesis types:
    1.    VB3-II virtual tonewheel organ
    2.    Combo Organ Type F
    3.    Combo Organ Type V
    4.    String Machine
    5.    Pipe Organ
    6.    Orchestra
    7.    Tines electric piano
    8.    Reed electric piano
    9.    Electric baby grand piano
    10.  Clavi electric piano
    11.  PM electric piano
    12.  MKS electric piano
    13.  Physical modeling trumpet
    14.  GVA-1 Virtual Analog synth
    15.  GSP-01 Adaptive Sample Player

The GSi Gemini features 11 effect processors per each DSP, the effect chain is fixed but is well structured in order to cover any possible necessity. It features:
    1.    Wha-wha
    2.    Stereo Phaser
    3.    Stereo Chorus
    4.    Tremolo / Auto-panner / Ring modulator
    5.    Spring Reverb
    6.    Amp Simulator
    7.    Rotary effect simulator
    8.    Stereo Delay / Echo
    9.    Stereo Limiter
    10.  Digital reverb
    11.  Equalizer

The GSi Gemini will soon also be available in 19" 1U Rackmount and Desktop (9.8" x 7.1" x 2") versions. *Additional features of the Rackmount and Desktop versions:
    •    2x16 Back-lit LC Display with encoder and buttons for quick preset recall
    •    Two parallel DIN-5 MIDI inputs
    •    USB MIDI In/Out
    •    Stereo S/PDIF digital audio output
    •    Volume potentiometer
    •    Comes with External PSU

GSi Gemini Desktop Dual DSP Sound Module

GSi Gemini Rack Dual DSP Sound Module

GSi Gemini Desktop and Rack Dual DSP Sound Modules 

Click here for an interactive demo of the GSi Gemini Web-App Editor, including audio demos of some of the sounds the Gemini can produce.

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