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Trek II LXC-2 Leslie Dual Crossover Capacitor

Trek II LXC-2 Leslie Dual Crossover Capacitor
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Trek II LXC-2 Leslie Dual Crossover Capacitor

Price $39.00

Product Details for Trek II LXC-2 Leslie Dual Crossover Capacitor

The LXC-2 is designed to replace the crossover capacitors used in most Leslie® speakers that have a tube amplifier, permanent magnet bass speaker, and treble horn. Because of their age, the original dual capacitors used in these crossovers have begun to deteriorate and drift in value. This can result in a shifting of the original 800 Hz crossover frequency as well as a general loss of sound quality.

The LXC-2 utilizes a modern polypropylene dielectric and provides the exact capacitance values originally used in these speakers. (12.5 μF and 7.8 μF)

Because polypropylene capacitors offer significantly lower ESR and tighter tolerance than the electrolytic capacitors used in later Leslie crossovers,the LXC-2 can also be used to upgrade the performance of these units as well.
  • Utilizes the same capacitance values and wire colors as the original "Industrial Condenser Corp." unit
  • Premium polypropylene dielectric
  • Extremely low loss / ESR
  • Restores clarity and proper crossover operation
  • Easy to mount in all crossover configurations


NOTE: The LXC-2 can be used in the following Leslie models: 22H, 45, 47, 51, 55C, 122, 122A, 122R, 122RV, 122V, 122XB, 142, 145, 147, 147A, 147RV, 222, 222RV, 242, 245, 247, 247RV, 251, 257, and 351.

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